”Here’s your chance to hang with Cowboys cheerleaders”

Posted: helmikuu 28, 2013 in NFL

And now a vacation opportunity that promises either great joy or infinite sadness.

NFL Exposure

2012 NFL Cheerleaders – Divisional Round

Check out the best images of cheerleaders from the NFL’s divisional playoff round.

LivingSocial.com is offering a three-day trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico for an ”exclusive behind-the-scenes peek” at the making of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ swimsuit calendar.

This $6,999 package — brought to our attention by The Dallas Morning News — includes roundtrip airfare (out of Dallas only), lodging at an all-inclusive five-star resort, a meet-and-greet withthe cheerleaders, and a group dinner with staff and guests.

Best of all, you get the opportunity to sit in on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Swimsuit Fashion Show. This is likely your best opportunity for ”babe watching,” guys.

As of publish time, one person has purchased this package. If you need a buddy, you have two days left to get on board. The big party is April 7-10.

From url : http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000145919/article/heres-your-chance-to-hang-with-cowboys-cheerleaders



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