”Darrelle Revis reportedly drawing 49ers’ interest”

Posted: helmikuu 28, 2013 in NFL

”The San Francisco 49ers have a need at cornerback and mountain of draft picks.

For those two reasons, it’s perfectly logical they would make some sort of play for New York Jets starDarrelle Revis. That might just be the case.

According to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, the Niners are among a ”handful of teams” that have discussed pursuing Revis, according to two sources. Cole adds that the Niners will make a play even if Revis — a free-agent-to-be in 2014 — becomes a one-year rental.

Adding a healthy Revis to the San Francisco defense is enough to makePete Carroll and the rest of the coaches in the NFC queasy. It would also be a boon to the burgeoningRevis-Richard Sherman rivalry.

The 49ers are well stocked to make the Jets a competitive offer. They already have 11 selections in April’s draft and are expected to get the 34th overall pick when they complete their trade with theKansas City Chiefs for Alex Smith. Three more compensatory picks will follow.

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The Niners’ biggest issue to making a Revis a long-term solution in their secondary is salary cap space. As a short-term rental, he’s a financial steal because of his $6 million salary (after bonuses).

New Jets general manager John Idzik is known for his patient approach, and it’s possible the team could carry Revis into the summer and beyond as they wait for the right package.

The Jets have only one chance to get this right. The Niners are an intriguing partner, but New York will keep its options open.”

From url : http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000145792/article/darrelle-revis-reportedly-drawing-49ers-interest



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