Jake Locker to see more read-option looks with Titans?

Posted: helmikuu 14, 2013 in NFL

According to NFL.com’s Albert Breer, the Tennessee Titans fired offensive coordinator Chris Palmer last November after losing faith in his ability to keep up with the league’s most creative offensive minds, particularly on game days.

The early signs suggest that won’t be case under new offensive boss Dowell Loggains, viewed by many as a rising coaching starAccording to TitanInsider, Loggains plans to study elements of the suddenly en vogue pistol offense and read-option runs to take advantage of quarterback Jake Locker’s unique athletic ability.

While the trend toward an exploration of the pistol in cities such as Oakland and Miami has been dubbed the ”Kaepernick Effect,” Loggains pointed to the impact of Robert Griffin III andRussell Wilson in taking the league by storm as rookies.

”We’re going to do just like every team in the league and look at clubs like Seattle and Washington,” Loggains said. ”… It’s something we’re definitely going to study. It’s not too far off from what we were doing as a coaching staff in 2006 and 2007 with Vince Young.”

Although the willingness to incorporate new ideas is refreshing, don’t expect the Titans to go full-blown copycat on the read-option. The team’s brass does want to take advantage of Locker’s legs and ability to throw on the run by getting him out of the pocket, but they’re not going to risk further injury on the heels of offseason shoulder surgery.



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