”Lardarius Webb says Ravens will return to Super Bowl”

Posted: helmikuu 7, 2013 in NFL

Lardarius Webb wasn’t on the field for Baltimore’s 34-31 victory over the San Francisco 49ers inSuper Bowl XLVII, but the Ravens cornerback believes his team is destined for a repeat voyage.”I’m just proud of my guys,” Webb told The Baltimore Sun after the game. ”This is special. It feels awesome. To see all these guys getting their first ring is so great.

”We will be back,” said Webb, who spent the season on injured reserve after tearing his anterior cruciate ligament against the Dallas Cowboys in October.

Webb said he’ll be ready to play next season, but salary-cap entanglements and the retirement of Ray Lewissuggest the team will have a plenty of new faces come September.

I spoke with multiple Ravens players after the Super Bowl, and what struck me most was their belief in the future of the team. Whatever trouble came their way this season — from the death of Art Modell to the loss of Torrey Smith’s brother to countless injuries — Baltimore found its way through. Players spoke repeatedly of a ”brotherhood” in the locker room, and that played out on Sunday.

Returning to the game’s biggest stage proves elusive for even the most talented teams, but you can’t fault the Ravens for believing in themselves



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